Newfields Facebook House Rules

Warmest greetings and welcome to Newfields Facebook fan! Thank you for joining our community.

Newfields Facebook is to share and update on the group’s current happenings. If your’re looking for the official source of information about our developments, please visit our homepage at

Facebook is owned by a third party unaffiliated with Newfields Groups. Please note that Newfields Groups does not necessarily endorse nor is responsible for the accuracy of information, opinions, claims or advice shared by other members of the Newfields Groups Facebook page. All views posted and made by members of this Newfields Groups Facebook page are personal to the poster and not necessarily endorsed or shared by Newfields Groups.

We are encouraging you to leave comments, suggestions, news, events, thoughts, photos, videos, links or something you want to share with other fans here with respect to the fellow community members and posting guidelines of Facebook. The page is moderated and we reserve the right to and will remove any post that are off topic, offensive, contains vulgar language or any other languages like to offend, personal attacks, racist, sexist, breach of any copyrights, and are considered to be spam or written in any other languages other than English or Bahasa Malaysia and to block anyone who violates them repeatedly with prior notice.

All fans and users of this page must comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use and not limited to comments which are:

  • Posting, requesting or linking to keys, keygens, cracks, warez/illegal software sites, crack search engines, ftp sites, torrents (including indirect links) or magnet links
  • Posting link to websites that are deemed unsafe or harmful to the users of this fan page
  • Spamming and trolling of the fan page
  • Flaming or aggressive behaviour towards other members to incite a conflict or argument
  • Systematic foul language
  • Members in this fan page represent communities from all around the region. Therefore, deliberate and/or malicious “race bashing” will result in an IMMEDIATE ban
  • Political propaganda will not be tolerated
  • Starting any post/thread bashing any religion, culture or ethnic group
  • Linking or posting of pornographic or objectionable material
  • Linking or posting of promote commercial enterprises
  • Posting any material of a sexual nature involving minors. It will result in an IMMEDIATE ban and the poster will be reported to the relevant authorities
  • Impersonating other individual or falsely representing yourself
  • No discussing, suggesting, engaging or encouraging any illegal activities on this fan page

Please be aware that the copyright of some postings made for and on behalf of Newfields Group on this fan page belongs to Newfields Groups. These materials cannot be extracted for commercial use in any manner or form.

Posting under secondary usernames or alias user names other than your main account for the purpose of arguing, degrading or belittling other members is grounds for having your posting privileges revoked.

Members of this fan page explicitly agree that any postings on this fan page maybe used by Newfields Groups and or its affiliates for survey or marketing purpose and that the member making the post explicitly waives all rights, interests, and benefits to the post and shall not seek any fiduciary gain from Newfields Groups or it affilities in the event such a post is used in the manner described.